Durmazlar is the leading machines producer in Turkey and the leader in the world market on metal working machines with its annual production capacity. Durmazlar, which improves its metal working machines services and production as a tradition inherited from its founder. Durmazlar is one of the leading industrial institutions of Turkey today.

More than half a century after its inception, Durmazlar export to 82 countries around the world and with its 150 000m² in total  of under roof production area and 1000 employees. Durmazlar machines are constantly working to achieve the best in metal working machines.

Durmazlar specialize in metal working machines that have the following capabilities, bending, cutting and punching.

Metal Working Machines:

  • Metal bending machines include press brake machines, profile rolling machines and plate rolling machines.
  • Metal cutting machines include laser cutting machines, plasma cutting machines, metal cutting saws and metal cutting shears.
  • Metal punching machines include metal pressing machines and CNC punching.

Durma’s Factories

Durmazlar factories have the technology of processing one-part machine frames up that can measure up to 20 meters in length. With high accuracy CNC machining centres, investments are made to produce long-term machines.

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