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Sheet Metal Software Solutions by Lantek

We offer the best possible consulting service, the broadest range of products and the best team of professionals prepared to assist in any scenario involving machine tools in the sector of sheet metal and steel structures.

Lantek, with its extensive experience in a wide range of markets has achieved a wealth of knowledge of the needs of the industry and their state-of-the-art technology has been instrumental in establishing fruitful relationships with both their customers and with machine tool builders.

Lantek cooperates efficiently with all existing sheet metal, tube or beam machine tools, achieving top class productivity and performance.


  • Process optimization
  • Shorter cycles
  • Iteration improvement
  • Resource coordination and orchestration


  • Better asset exploitation
  • Reduced consumption of energy, raw materials, time
  • Less financing needs
  • Improved results in any technology
  • Optimal adaptation to every machine

Business Intelligence:

  • Real time data available from any location
  • Intelligent combination of information displayed